19 mei 2011

Gliese 581d - First Earth-Like Planet?

That's right. We've all been waiting for it and it's finally here.
A planet that in theory - can house people! It's called the Gliese 581d, it's about double the size and seven times the mass of Earth and the temperature is just right, because water doesn't vaporize nor does it freeze!

There is a chance a human-like species already live there, but I don't think anyone will ever find out. You want to know why? It'll take us roughly 300.000 years to reach it, being 20 lightyears away. Yeah, I know it sucks. :)

If we ever DO get there, it will really weird. The denser air and thick clouds would keep the surface in a constant murky red twilight. And thanks to it's mass (no offense Gliese) surface gravity is double  Earth's.

And to people still rooting that one day we will reach it:

Not a chance.

If we could find a way to boost our spaceships into travelling at close-to-lightspeed..getting there would still take more then 20 years!


17 mei 2011

Cheapo PC!

This news is pretty old, but it crossed my mind yet again today!

Do you see this? This is the Raspberry Pi - in my opinion - one of the cheapest working computers in the world. It costs 15 pounds to make, which is around 17 euros or 25 dollars!
It can run Ubuntu and it is able to decode 1080p video!
It uses HDMI to connect to a monitor and has one USB slot. It currently does not have an ability to connect to the internet, but they are making new versions as we speak. The usb-stick lookalike PC is still in propotype phase.

In the future it is meant for third-world countries. They want to show the children programming, as the ICT tutoring there is very little.

Here is a video from the creator of the Pi:

I wanted to show you guys this as it is a very nice intiative and should deserve all of the publicity it needs.


16 mei 2011


So today, I was reading the news. And I read about something that has been bugging alot of gamers lately. The downtime of PSN. They brought it back up , but apparently alot of it is still buggy.
I don't like that you have to reset your password for it to work again, I think this is a problem for alot of people. My friend's PS3 broke, so I have no idea how he's going to fix his situation. :)
The compensation is nice, but I'd like it more if they would bring PSN back up in one go, and not like this, piece by piece.

But that's just me. :)


15 mei 2011


So yeah, this is my blog!

I'm going to post blogs about my thoughts on activities around the world.
I will also talk about my own life and next to that, post the occasional random blog.