17 mei 2011

Cheapo PC!

This news is pretty old, but it crossed my mind yet again today!

Do you see this? This is the Raspberry Pi - in my opinion - one of the cheapest working computers in the world. It costs 15 pounds to make, which is around 17 euros or 25 dollars!
It can run Ubuntu and it is able to decode 1080p video!
It uses HDMI to connect to a monitor and has one USB slot. It currently does not have an ability to connect to the internet, but they are making new versions as we speak. The usb-stick lookalike PC is still in propotype phase.

In the future it is meant for third-world countries. They want to show the children programming, as the ICT tutoring there is very little.

Here is a video from the creator of the Pi:

I wanted to show you guys this as it is a very nice intiative and should deserve all of the publicity it needs.


8 opmerkingen:

  1. lol reacties what language is that sweedish??


  2. really nice and a really cheap computer awesome!

  3. interesting post but i think that a 25 usd limit is just plain stupid, cuz they ended with a awful looking pc that cannot connect to the internet, i mean why not set a 100 usd limit and built a complete decent machine from the start ?

  4. Really cool idea but i don't see the point of it. Just get a iphone and you can connect with the internet and you got tha status

  5. Yes that would help alot in third world countries!